Fremont Sailing Club

Established in 1968
The finest Small Boat Sailing Club in the San Francisco Bay Area

Lido 14
1996 Treasure Island Cruise/
Poker Run

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Lido 14 Fleet 62 had their annual Treasure Island Cruise on September 29, 1996 and once again Hans and Helga Wolff lead us on a wonderful daysail. The Fleet launched at the Grand Street Launching Ramp on the Alameda side of the Oakland/Alameda Estuary. All 9 Lido 14s attending made it out to Treasure Island where a picnic was held. The wind was blowing 12-16 knots on the bay, which made it a lively sail.

This year to help keep everyone togather Hans and Helga turned the cruise into a Poker Run. The skipper of each boat was allowed to draw one card from the deck at the launching ramp. Then at preselected spots on the way out to and from Treasure Island, each boat was allowed to draw four more cards to complete their poker hand. The boat with the best poker hand won a bottle of wine provided by Joe Davis, the Commodore of the Fremont Sailing Club. Joe and Cathy Doering had the best hand with a full house made up of 3's and 4's.

The fleet would like to extend thanks to Ron Locke, Larry Weatherly and Harry Blei for taking the day and serving as the safety committee. A special thanks go out to Ron for the use of this big sailboat for a rescue boat.

Dave and Ruth Jepson on the way back from Treasure Island. Some of the Lido 14's tied up to Encinal Yacht Club.
Joe and Cathy Doering on the way back in from Treasure Island. Joe and Cathy Doering with their winning poker hand.